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RHA Executive Board Elections for 2014-2015

RHA is currently accepting nominations for 6 Executive Board positions for the 2014-2015 academic year!

Serve in an important leadership role, build upon your own leadership skills, and make a difference in the Res Halls by joining RHA Executive Board.

Nominations will begin on Monday, 3/17 in Preska 126 from 4pm-6pm with elections the following two weeks.

You do not have to be a RHA Rep in order to run for a position!  Anyone planning to live on campus next year is qualified. All positions receive a stipend and room waiver totaling over $2300!


Nominations will take place before elections on Monday, 3/17, at General Assembly.  Anyone can nominate you, including self-nominations. Elections will follow nominations.  On Monday, 3/24, elections and nominations will be held for President, Vice President and Secretary.  On Monday, 3/31, elections and nominations will be help for Treasurer, Programming Coordinator, and Tech and Design. Each candidate will be given 5 minutes for a speech and then stand for 5 minutes of questions and answers. Anyone who is not elected will be given the chance to run again for all subsequent positions. For example, if you run for VP and do not get elected, you are automatically nominated for Secretary, Treasurer, PCC, and Tech and Design.

The newly elected Exec Board will meet a few times in April, once during the summer for a retreat (funded by RHA), and will be allowed to arrive early on August 18th to plan for the semester. Also, if available, a few exec positions will be encouraged to attend a national conference at the beginning of June.

Exec Board Positions Available:


  • Represent RHA to the University
  • Oversee General Assembly
  • Provide leadership to RHA Exec Board

Vice President

  • Assist President in RHA operations
  • Maintain RHA’s history and records
  • Create RHA’s year-long marketing plan


  • Monitor GA attendance and voting rights
  • Keep accurate minutes of GA meetings
  • Chair the Specific Issues Committee


  • Maintain and track RHA’s budget
  • Oversee Care Package fundraising program
  • Propose budget for approval annually

Programming Coordinator

  • Plan all RHA programs and events including budget and marketing
  • Chair the Events Committee

Tech and Design

  • Maintain RHA website and social media
  • Keep RHA current on technology trends
  • Design and prepare RHA advertisements


If you have any questions about this process or about any of the positions, contact any of the Executive Board or RHA's advisor Matt at matthew.goff@mnsu.edu.


We hope and encourage any who are interested to run!


Internet Problems?

If your wireless is slow or crashes, plug in.  For any service that demands low latency or consistent packet delivery (as gaming and Netflix need) using the wired connection is the most reliable solution.  Ethernet cables are available at the Campus Computer Store; a 25 foot cable will allow you to be plugged in anywhere in your room. 

Welcome Back! 

Hope that you all had a great break! This week is Winter Welcome Week and there are many great events that will be happening around campus. Check out the schedule for January 13-19 and get out and do some fun stuff with friends!

RHA General Assembly voted on Room and Board Rates yesterday afternoon, 11/18/13.  Below is the final 2014-2015 rates as well as the final ballot with tallied votes.

2014-2015 Rates with RHA Options

RHA Vote on Room and Board Rates


Rates 2014-2015 Sample Ballot

2014-2015 Room Board Proposal Presentation

Rate Chart 2014-2015

Meal Plan Options 2013-2014



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